1. Member - any interested person not employed either directly or indirectly by the SAS Institute, Inc. A member will be entitled to receive the group newsletter, attend all group-sponsored functions, propose changes in the bylaws, and vote on any issues pertinent to the operation of the group.

2. SAS representative - any person either directly or indirectly employed by the SAS Institute, Inc. A SAS representative will not be able to propose changes in the bylaws and will not be eligible to vote on issues concerning group operations. A SAS representative may receive the group newsletter and attend all group-sponsored functions.

So you want to become a RTSUG member...

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Research Triangle SAS Users Group (RTSUG). RTSUG members have NO DUES nor require meeting attendance. The only requirement is that you subscribe to SUG-L, which we describe below.

What is SUG-L?

SUG-L is a listserv-based mailing list for SAS users throughout the Research Triangle area. SUG-L provides a forum for information, ideas, and help with the SAS System. In particular, this list posts announcements regarding the Research Triangle SAS Users Group. Here are a few details about the list:

  • List name: SUG-L
  • Host name: LISTSERV.UNC.EDU
  • Subscribers: 400-500
  • Features: Spam filter
  • Archives: Yes
  • Digests: Yes
  • Indexes

How do I subscribe to SUG-L?

To subscribe to the group's listserv, sign up here.

Next Meeting

Jan 29,2020
at SAS World Headquarters