ARTICLE I. NAME This organization shall be known as the Research Triangle SAS Users' Group(RTSUG).

ARTICLE II. PURPOSE The RTSUG is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information about the computer software package SAS. The group will promote the exchange of SAS information among its members and with other similar groups. The group will also provide a forum for its members to relay requests to the SAS Institute, Inc. and to receive information from that institute concerning enhancements of the software products.

ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP There shall be three classes of membership in the RTSUG defined as follows: 1. Member - any interested person not employed either directly or indirectly by the SAS Institute, Inc. A member will not pay dues, but will be entitled to receive the group newsletter, attend all group-sponsored functions, propose changes in the bylaws, and vote on any issues pertinent to the operation of the group. 2. SAS representative - any person either directly or indirectly employed by the SAS Institute, Inc. A SAS representative will not pay dues, will not be able to propose changes in the bylaws and will not be eligible to vote on issues concerning group operations. A SAS representative may receive the group newsletter and attend all group-sponsored functions.

ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS The officers shall be President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The term of office for each officer shall be one (1) year. Elections shall be held every January at the regular group meeting and the term of office shall begin in February. Only full members in good standing with the group may hold office. Only one office may be held during any one fiscal year of the group. Nominations for office will occur during the meetings when election are held. Candidates for each office will be voted on in alphabetical order based on the candidates' last name. The candidate receiving the most votes for each office shall be declared elected to the office. Any officer may resign at any time and is under no obligation to the group. In case of a vacated office, elections for a pro-tem replacement will occur at the next scheduled meeting. The duties of the officers are as follows: 1. President - shall schedule and preside over regular group meetings. The president will be responsible for selecting meeting topics, speakers, and locations. The president will conduct all votes concerning group operations. 2. Treasurer - will be responsible for the collection of group dues and the handling of all group monies. The treasurer shall sign all checks for the group. Upon his/her vacating the office, the treasurer shall turn all group materials in his possession over to the new treasurer or to the President. 3. Secretary - will be responsible for taking minutes of every scheduled group meeting. The secretary will also be responsible for the group newsletter.

ARTICLE V. MEETINGS Group meetings shall be held no less frequently than every three (3) months and no more frequently than every month. Group meetings shall be announced at least ten (10) days in advance by the group newsletter. Meetings of the officers or a subgroup of members may occur at any time.

ARTICLE VI. ELECTION AND VOTES Election of officers shall be held in January of every calendar year. Votes concerning group operations may be conducted at any scheduled group meeting. At least one-fourth (1/4) of the members must be present before any election or vote can be conducted.

ARTICLE VII. AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the RTSUG membership at any scheduled group meeting. Proposed changes to the bylaws must be made in writing to the President and can not be voted on until all full members have been notified of the propositions via the group newsletter.

Next Meeting

Nov 13,2019
at RTI International