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    Ten Tips for Simulating Data with SASĀ® Rick Wicklin2019-10-04RTSUG at RTI pdf
    PROC MCMC Application-Time Series Forecasting Murali Sastry Tyler Hicks2019-09-25RTSUG at RTI ppt
    A Strip Plot Gets Jittered into a Beeswarm Shane Rosanbalm2014-09-10Rho ppt
    Principles of Writing Readable SQL Ken Borowiak2014-09-10RHO pdf
    XML in a SAS World Mike Molter2014-02-04RTSUG at GSK ppt
    From the Testing Trenches: Common Logic Lapses and How to Avoid Them Jenni Elion2014-02-04RTSUG at GSK ppt
    Beyond Directory Listings in SAS Jim Worley2014-02-04RTSUG at GSK ppt
    Manage Variable Lists with Macro Variables for Improved Readability and Modifiability David Abbott2014-02-04RTSUG at GSK ppt
    Communicating Standards: A Code Review Experience David Scocca2013-04-25RTSUG at RTI pdf
    Gui-Based Utility Macro for Creating a Version Controlled Project Directory and Copying in Standard Tools and Template Files Hisham Madi2013-04-25RTSUG at RTI pdf
    Applications of the GLMSELECT Procedure Funda Gunes2013-04-25RTSUG at RTI
    Use %WordLoop to Replace Cookie-Cutter Code David Abbott2012-02-22RTSUG at RTI doc
    Multidimensional Arrays Used for a Quality Control Process Christine Davies2012-02-22RTSUG at RTI ppt
    The Worst Data Step Traps and Pitfalls - How to Recognize Them; How to Avoid Them David Abbott2011-03-23RTSUG at RTI ppt
    SAS Programming Techniques for Decoding Variables on the Database Level Chris Speck2011-03-23RTSUG at RTI pdf
    Creating Proportional Venn Diagrams Using Google and SAS Hillary Kruger2011-03-23RTSUG at RTI ppt
    Command Your Session: SAS Commands and Command-Style Macros Ben Neely2011-03-23RTSUG at RTI pdf
    PROC_CODEBOOK, an Automated, General Purpose Codebook Macro Kim Chantala, Jim Terry2010-05-12RTSUG at RTI ppt
    Sustainability Management: Emerging Trends and Software Solutions Kim Bernard, Alyssa Farrell, John Green2010-03-31RTSUG at EPA pdf
    SAS File Functions Can Help You Leave an Audit Trail Subhash Mantha2010-03-31RTSUG at EPA ppt
    Resolving Value Differences among Duplicates, A Rule-based Approach David Abbott2010-03-31RTSUG at EPA pdf
    SAS Programming Techniques for Manipulating Metadata on the Database Level Chris Speck2010-03-31RTSUG at EPA pdf
    Using SAS and Google Earth to Access and Display Air Pollution Data Josh Drukenbrod2008-09-10RTSUG pdf
    SAS® Graphics on ODS 9.2 Performance-Enhancing Steroids Dan O'Connor2008-09-10RTSUG ppt
    PRX Functions and Call Routines: There is Hardly Anything Regular About Them Kenneth W. Borowiak2008-05-28RTSUG pdf
    Adventures in ODS: Producing Customized Reports Using Output from Multiple SAS® Procedures Stuart Long, Jeff Abolafia2008-03-12RTSUG at RTI doc
    Base Reporting with ODS David Kelley2007-11-28RTSUG meeting at SAS ppt
    A Sampler of What''s New in Base SAS 9.2 Jason Secosky2007-11-28RTSUG meeting at SAS ppt
    Going Beyond SAS Default Formats Divya Jain2007-09-12RTSUG ppt
    PROC MIXED: Underlying Ideas with Examples Dr. David Dickey2007-09-12RTSUG ppt
    SAS PROC SQL or Vanilla Flavor Cecilia Mauldin2007-01-31RTSUG ppt
    What you Didn''t Know about the SAS/Enhanced Editor Elizabeth Ceranowski2007-01-31RTSUG pdf
    Data Management: Building a Dynamic Application Arthur L. Carpenter2006-11-15RTSUG pdf
    Creating Zillions of Labels (and Other Documents) the Easy Way with ODS and Microsoft Word Vince DelGobbo2006-11-15RTSUG pdf
    Stylizing your Proc Report Sandy McNeill2006-09-20RTSUG ppt
    Analysis of Longitudinal Data: Comparison between PROC GLM and PROC MIXED Maribeth Johnson2006-05-31RTSUG pdf
    Using SAS 9 in Clinical Research Greg Nelson2006-05-31RTSUG pdf
    Forthcoming Improvements in the SAS Foundation Paul Kent2006-01-25RTSUG meeting ppt
    Moving Data and Analytical Results between SAS and Microsoft Office Vince DelGobbo2005-11-16RTSUG meeting (and SESUG,SUGI2005) pdf
    Using Web Tools to Enhance Population Identification Carol Martell2005-09-28RTSUG meeting (and SESUG2005) pdf
    Different Decimal Places for Different Laboratory Tests Cecilia Mauldin2005-09-28RTSUG meeting (and PharmaSug2004) ppt
    No Fuss Hashing: DATA Step Built-in Hash Object Jason Secosky (note:each link is different!!)2004-12-01RTSUG meeting at SAS pdf
    Compute Blocks Revealed (sample code) Sandy McNeill2004-12-01RTSUG meeting at SAS ppt
    A Different Approach to Learning SAS Software Mirjana Stojanovic2004-10-31SESUG Nashville, TN doc
    Using Multi-Label Formats Andrew Karp2004-01-14RTSUG meeting pdf
    Getting Started with PROC LOGISTIC Andrew Karp2004-01-14RTSUG meeting pdf
    The Consultants' Electronic Panel Discussion Frank DiIorio2003-11-01online pdf
    Efficient Way to Learn SAS Mirjana Stojanovic2003-09-24contributed (presented at SESUG2003) doc
    Dictionary Tables and Views: Essential Tools for Serious Applications Frank DiIiorio and Jeff Abolafia2003-09-17RTSUG meeting (and SESUG2003) pdf
    Proc SQL: Why Use it When Simple IF/THEN Statements Work? Susan Myers and Inga Allred2003-09-17RTSUG meeting (and SESUG2003) doc
    Contrasting Programming Techniques for Summarizing Voluminous SAS Output Using the SAS Output Delivery System(ODS) Stuart Long2003-09-17RTSUG meeting (and SESUG2003) doc
    Format presentation Ben Cochran2003-02-26RTSUG meeting ppt
    Data Mining using the Enterprise Miner J. Michael Hardin2003-01-17Carolina Population Center, co-sponsors: UNC SPH and SAS pdf
    What's New in the Output Delivery System V9 Sandy McNeill2002-11-20RTSUG meeting pdf
    A More Capable XML Engine Anthony Friebel2002-11-20RTSUG meeting html
    Proc Report, How to Get Started Malachy Foley2001-12-05RTSUG meeting doc
    XML tutorial Greg Barnes Nelson2001-12-05RTSUG meeting pdf
    Changes & Enhancements for ODS by Example (through Version 8.2) Sandy McNeill2001-10-24RTSUG meeting pdf
    Design Time Control Vince DelGobbo and John Leveille2001-03-07RTSUG meeting html

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